Holistic Biohacking

“We have a pharmacy inside us that is absolutely exquisite. It makes the right medicine, for the precise time, for the right target organ – with no side effects.”
– Dr. Deepak Chopra –

What Is

Holistic Biohacking?

Holistic Biohacking is a DIY art form of human enhancement that involves making incremental changes to one’s body, diet, and lifestyle to improve health, performance, and well-being. Some types of biohacking have been around for centuries, such as intermittent fasting. Biohacking can range from efforts to improve brain function to faster weight loss to enhanced immune and lymphatic function to boosting human growth hormone. We aim to achieve all of the above and more! Biohacking is the application of the hacker ethic in pursuit of enhancement to the body’s functions through technological means. We aren’t talking water fast here. Healthy transformation is a scientific and strategic process. Blending Western Science with traditional Eastern Ayurvedic principles, the results are profound and deeply magickal.

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“Diet Culture Is A Leading reason Why We All Get Sick and Tired”

We do not promote nor prescribe diet culture. It is most important that we get adequate nutrients – macro AND micro – especially minerals.

“You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”
– Dr. Linus Pauling, Nobel Peace Prize 

Flooding our being with nutrients and high vibration nourishment adequately supports the body and mind for optimal function and allows the cleansing and detoxifying piece of our wellbeing puzzle to be successfully experienced and fully enjoyed. Satiety and satisfaction are of utmost importance.

But… why aren’t we getting that quality of nutritional value in our mainstream Western culture?

“Everyone has a physician inside … getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. But to eat when you are sick is to feed your sickness.”
– Hippocrates –


“Everyone has a physician inside…”

– Hippocrates

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